At Downard and Associates, our attorneys have helped thousands win their social security disability cases. Here is Jaime’s story, an account of her experiences working with Downard & Associates. Testimonials like Jamie’s story show the care and attention our lawyers have for all of our clients.

Attorney David Downard represented Jaime and helped her win her case. Here is her full story.

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“The day I got home from the pain doctor, I heard his message on my answering machine. My case was approved! I fell to my knees and started crying. He came through- he did it, just as he said! I still have that message on my answering machine to this day.”

Jamie was new to this part of the country. She had worked hard all her life since she was 14 years old. For the past 5 years, she had a good job and worked in procurement for a large corporation.

Jamie was recently diagnosed with deteriorating disk disease and was in a constant state of pain. Jaime tried to work through it, but as the condition progressed, she could no longer perform her job.

Jamie suffered more than just the physical pain but with all this came depression. Only in her forties, she couldn’t work anymore nor did she have her freedom and independence. She lost her personal income and lifestyle, which she was accustomed to. What was once a normal life, turned into a struggle every day with countless physicians’ visits and constant nagging pain.

Before choosing Downard and Associates, Jamie talked to several other attorneys, and said, “David told me the truth. Up front, he told me the good and the bad….just the facts. The other attorneys I spoke with only told me what I wanted to hear. I appreciated his honesty about the journey I was about to sign up for.”

“He admitted it would be a long process and I may be denied the first time. My expectations were to wait at least 24 months, but my case was won in 11 months. All that time I had never met David in person. Our first meeting was cancelled by me due to my own pain, David understood. David and his experienced team took my case and handled everything.”

Jamie adds, “David is my hero. He gave me my life back, not just monetary but mentally as well. When you have always had a paycheck and then you have nothing, you don’t even feel like a person anymore, so David gave me my diginity back which is priceless. I always thought I wasn’t deserving,there so many others worse off than me, but with the help of my doctors and David Downard, I began to understand that I was/am truly disabled.”

“When I got my first check, I couldn’t believe it was real. I still have David’s phone message on the answering machine. Whenever I get down in the dumps, I listen to it.”