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  • David Downard worked for the Social Security Administration for more than 11 years.
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  • David Downard has helped 1000’s of clients win their cases.
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  • More than 70% of disability cases are Denied upon the initial claim.
  • There is a Time Limit to file your appeal.

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Downard & Associates, PLLC has helped thousands of clients win their cases. Experience Matters! Attorney David Downard worked for the Social Security Administration for more than 11 years. Our attorneys have more than 50 years collective experience in Social Security Disability / SSI cases. We know the law. Contact us to find out how we can help you, or call now for a free consultation.

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“The day I got home from the pain doctor, I heard his message on my answering machine. My case was approved! I fell to my knees and started crying.” – Jamie W.
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Social Security Disability Law (SSI)

Disability is a condition judged to be a significant mental or physical impairment that is expected to last at least 12 months. The term is often used to refer to an individual’s functioning including physical impairments; sensory, cognitive and intellectual impairments; mental illness; and various types of chronic diseases.

Supplemental Security Income (or SSI) is a monthly disability benefit provided to aged (legally deemed to be 65 or older), blind, or disabled persons based on need, and paid by the United States Government. The same rules apply for SSI disability entitlement.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, Downard and Associates has the experience to help you get the settlement you deserve. Battling insurance companies alone is risky and could result in a very small monetary award compared to what you may be entitled to. We are here to help.

Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides insurance to cover medical care and compensation for employees who are injured in the course of employment, in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for negligence.

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This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by or associated with the Social Security Administration ( or the Department of Veterans Affairs (CVA) or any other government agency. All attorneys licensed in Tennessee. Specific state licenses are not required for Social/Security Disability cases. Downard and Associates has successfully handled cases in Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.